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MOOM Certified Organic Sugar Pro 12 oz (345 g)

A Natural Product That Actually Works Transport your clients to a rose garden with our unique 100% Certified Organic Professional Aromatherapy Hair Removal System Contains only Certified Organic:

  • Sugar
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon juice
  • Rose Essence
  • Water

Absolutely Nothing Else Goes Into SugarPro.

SugatPro Contains rose essential oil. When warmed up, releases the perfume of fresh picked roses.

Increasingly, women are turning away from professional waxing because of the pain, the fear of chemicals and damage to the skin. They want long-term depilation performed by a professional, but they do not want to suffer the consequences. It used to be that if a woman wanted long-term depilation, she had to go to a salon and would endure the pain and discomfort of waxing, because there were no other options. Today, women have many alternatives and are reluctant to visit a professional for fear of pain, the chemicals and the damage to the skin.

You can win back these women and increase your clientele by using Certified Organic SugarPro. SugarPro is extremely effective in removing all types of unwanted hair without the negative side-effects of wax. It is specially formulated to stick to the hair, not the skin, so hair slides out almost painlessly. Your clients will love it! And they will keep coming back. SugarPro is actually skin care and hair removal in one. It will take care of your clients' skin while removing all types of unwanted hair effectively.

Certified Organic SugarPro contains only the highest quality ingredients. We do not add or hide any chemicals, resins or other ingredients. It works all by itself-GUARANTEED! SugarPro is completely water soluble to keep your space spotless with the wipe of a wet towel. You can also erase mistaken application simply with pure water. Wash your table covers and towels without the worry of stains and residue. After the SugarPro treatment, simply wipe the skin with a wet towel and you are done. It is cost-effective, you only need to use a very thin layer. There is no need for pre or post treatment lotions, cleansing oils, or cleanings agents. SugarPro, with its rose essential oil, closes the pores naturally (rose essence is a natural astringent). Offer your clients a spa treatment with the aromatherapy, professional's choice hair remover, SugarPro. We GUARANTEE your satisfaction 100%!